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As a consumer it is important to know your rights. Here you can find some of the information available, such as where you can complaint when you have problems as a consumer in Romania.

Your rights in short

There are moments when maybe you do not have the time to read a longer text to find what your rights are. ECC Romania’s flyers explain you, in short, the most important aspects you should have in mind when going in holiday, traveling by plane, buying online or trying to get advice from us.


ECC Romania infographics presents in a schematic, visual way the most important aspects you should consider when buying online, traveling by plane or going in holiday. You can download them on your phone to be able to use them whenever you may have problems.

The European Consumer Centres from the ECC-Net work together every year to analyze problems consumers face or may face when shopping cross-border. The resulting information is published in joint reports giving you all the data you need to be protected, so that you may use safely all the benefits of the EU internal market. Here you can also find the annual report of ECC-Net.

ODR Contact Point

Do you want to know more about online dispute resolution?

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